High-Quality Hand Car Wash

Nothing restores the beauty and presentation of a car wash done by hand. That is why Oasis Hand Car Wash provides professional hand car washes for drivers in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. We can bring out the inner show-car in any vehicle with a detailed wash that wipes the grime away and brings back a new appearance.

We know that drivers around the city prefer to get the most out of their vehicles and ride in style. We offer several packages to meet our customers' car wash needs, whether they are preparing to show off their cars in competition or just getting their everyday use vehicles cleaned up for the weekend. Whatever your case, you can bet that Oasis Hand Car Wash will give you the best car wash experience around. Check out our car wash packages and then stop by to give your vehicle a truly impressive cleaning.

Full Service Hand Wash $16.95

After your vehicle is vacuumed and the ashtrays are emptied, it goes to our wash area where it is thoroughly HAND washed, rinsed, and jet dried. It then receives a lint-free hand toweling of the exterior and door jams. Finally individual hand detailing applies the finishing touches to all the windows, mirrors, and dashboard. With a friendly wave of the towel, your vehicle is ready for your approval.

Full Service "Wash Plus" $18.95

Along with your Full Service Wash, we will include a Polishing Wax. The Polishing Wax will be applied to your vehicle at the same time as the soap, allowing us to Hand wash your vehicle to a cleaner, brighter shine.

Full Service "Deluxe" $21.95

In addition to your Wash Plus, we add a combination of our three most popular items. First, as your vehicle goes through the wash line, we will apply our Triple Wax formula. Rich in polymer silicone to form a protective shield, it leaves your vehicle with a gleaming finish. Secondly, we will apply a coat of our Tire Dressing for that unbeatable look and shine. Finally, from our menu of our eleven selections, we will add the Air Freshener of your choice for a pleasant aroma that will last for days.

Full Service "Works" $26.95

This wash package has it all! Not only do you get all the advantages of the Deluxe Wash, you will also receive an application of Exterior Trim Dressing and Interior Cream Protectant. Our Interior Cream with UV sunscreen will moisturize and beautify all your leather and vinyl, while our Exterior Trim Dressing will not only blacken your moldings, but it will also leave your bumper and trim looking like new.

Express Hand Wax Cars $49.95 - Trucks/SUV's: $54.95

Give us just 45 minutes and we'll give your vehicle an unbelievable shine. This combination includes our Full Service Wash, Tire dressing, Air Freshener of your choice, and a coat of protective wax gently rubbed in and wiped off by hand. No appointment is necessary.

Custom Washes

Some of our customers have specialized needs due to non-factory rims, lowered vehicles, or oversized trucks that won't fit down our wash line. These vehicles are pulled off to the side and washed in a designated area. Each Custom Wash includes Tire Dressing and Air Freshener of your choice. Prices are as follows:
  • Custom Wash Car $24.95
  • Custom Wash Truck or SUV $29.95
  • Custom Wash with Express Hand Wax Car $59.95
  • Custom Wash Truck or SUV with Express Hand Wax $64.95
*All vans, trucks, 4x4's and special vehicles are extra. We are not responsible for non-stock or modified vehicles, loose trim, power antennas, etc. Please remove all valuables from vehicle. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items left in vehicle.*

Additional Wash Services

  • Exterior Wash Only $12.95
  • Tire Dressing $2.00
  • Floor Mats (each) $1.50
  • Floor Mats Oversized (each) $3.00
  • Complete Exterior Dressing $4.00
  • Interior Cream Protectant $7.50
  • Air Freshener $2.00
(Choose from: Baby Powder, Cherry, Jasmine, Leather, Lemon, New Car Scent, Pina Colada, Pine, Spice, Strawberry, Vanilla or Black Ice)